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Ooo Arr – Whatson´s Choice

Ooo Arr – Whatson´s Choice

It´s all about life on the farm this week, as we celebrate Harvest 2015. Grandad Rumbelow used to tell me about the Harvest Festivals they used to hold at the school where he used to work. He told me how all the children used to bring some kind of fruit or vegetable in and then

From Darkness

BBC One – Sunday Ex-constable Claire Church has fled her dark past by escaping to the remote Western Isles with her partner, Norrie. But no matter how far she runs, she can’t escape the shadows cast by her history. As decades-old bodies are unearthed on a Manchester building site, the darkness threatens to fracture Claire’s

It´s Criminal – Whatson´s Choice

Idiots! I am working with idiots! More about that later. Welcome to another packed edition of Whatson´s Choice, FREE every week inside The Courier newspaper. This week it´s all about the grizzly world of crime. There are two great crime drama shows on ITV this week, the first one stars a favourite actress of mine,

Strictly Showtime – Whatson’s Choice

For fans of glitz and glamour, it is our weekend, as the new stars of Strictly Come Dancing return to our screens after their three weeks of training and wow us with everything they’ve learnt. This week, I am dressed for the occasion, with my sequined cummerbund and sparkly collared-shirt, ready to step in if

I Look Like an Idiot!

NO! Don´t look at me! When they said they were going to dress me up for the rugby I thought I was going to look like one of those lovely ladies from the Lifestyle+ pull-out last week. Glamorous, sultry, sexy even, but no, they didn´t tell me they were going to dress me up as

Patriotism Aplenty – Whatson´s Choice

I´ve got a double-bubble costume this week, firstly to join in with the totally famous Last Night at the Proms, and then later to celebrate all of the UK teams in the Rugby World Cup. I thought about dressing as a parking warden in recognition of Parking Wars starting on ITV this week, but I

Dance Into the Past – Whatson´s Choice

“Do, do, do, do, do, do, dooooooo, do, do, do, do, DO. Do, do, do, do, do, do, dooooooo, do, do, do, do, DO“, are you singing along? You know you know it, of course you do. It´s the theme tune to Strictly Come Dancing! It´s back. We had X-Factor last week, I know, but

Copping Out – Whatson’s Choice

Ello, ello, ello, and what´s all this then? I couldn´t decide if “Evenink all” was a better greeting, but I went with the more traditional. I´m on the beat, I´ve joined the police. I am an upholder of the law, keeper of the peace, I am a cop. Well, you know I´m not really, I´ve

Travel The World and Beyond – Whatson’s Choice

A cabbage? You thought I was a cabbage? Thank you for your messages about last week´s costume, although I don´t believe I looked anything like a cabbage, as I was being Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. If you haven´t seen the stage musical or film, you are not only missing out on a treat,

Criminal Partnerships – Whatson’s Choice

I was being a hedgehog!!! It was a costume. That is in answer to those who emailed me this week asking what the big brown spikes were coming out of my back. We were talking about hedgehogs if you remember so that´s why I dressed up. I´ve got a hedgehog joke for you this week

Hedgehogs and Hashtags – Whatson’s Choice

Another week and another great list of shows to cram into our watching Schedule once again. I´m Whatson and I´m going to guide you on my pick of all things tele-glorious this week and beyond. Before I do that though, did you see Julian Clary returned to our screens on Sunday in Nature Nuts with

Excited about Bake Off

Hello, my name´s Whatson, a little bit like Sherlock´s doctor friend but my name has an extra “H”, but don´t let that put you off, it´s still pronounced the same. Oh, and I´m pleased to meet you. Did you see me on last week´s cover of your Courier TV Pull-out? I wasn´t supposed to be


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You can pick up the real thing from any of hundreds of venues around the Costa Blanca in the morning.
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As we are in the last month of the year, the Spanish Government has issued a reminder that the failure to retune televisions receiving Spanish national terrestrial TV broadcasts must undergo a re-tune, or some channels will be lost at the end of this …

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