Crash Barriers to be Replaced

The Spanish Government has unanimously approved a motion calling for measures to improve the safety motorcycle riders, including the replacement of crash barriers with alternative deflection equipment in areas prone to high motorbike casualty figures. The motion was presented by Read More …


Busy roads expected

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has launched a special operation surrounding the 1st of May holiday, during which there will be increased daily movement with six million vehicles taking to the roads, mainly from Madrid, where the 2nd of May is also a holiday.

The operation starts in the early hours of Tuesday and will end at midnight on Sunday 5 the 5th, with traffic congestion especially in the central and coastal destinations and second homes.

In addition to the Community of Madrid, celebrating his feast day of the 2nd, the operation will pay attention to the province of Cádiz, in which Jerez will play host to the Spain Grand Prix Championship. For this reason, there will also be special attention given to monitoring motorbikes.

As reported by the DGT, of the six million trips, 1.6 will occur in the center, which will be 35%busier than normal days without the festivals.

Major complications are expected on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, especially on routes from Madrid bound for the coast and mountain areas.

Already on Thursday, only a holiday in the Madrid region, the displacements are to areas near the capital, while on Friday, weekday throughout Spain, will be the usual movements of the weekend, with special attention to motorists heading to Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).

As a result, from today until next Sunday, the DGT has launched a special campaign of surveillance and control of motorcycles to reduce fatal accidents in this type of vehicle in which the possibility of death is 17 times greater than by car.

The “return” operation will run from Saturday afternoon until midnight Sunday in the Madrid direction, which may cause delays and jams of those who have enjoyed five days off with drivers who have only enjoyed the weekend.

To facilitate travel and relieve traffic, contraflow lanes will be installed additionally in certain sections, some roadworks will be suspended and vehicles carrying dangerous goods will be stopped.

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