Prison Sentences a Decade after Sexual Assault

Three men have been sentenced to four years in prison for molesting, as a group, a girl in a car parked in the car park of a nightclub in Torrevieja. The sentence confirmed each participant of a crime of sexual abuse and continued intercourse, but applies mitigation due to delays during processing. The incident occurred …

Torrevieja Killer Accepts Murder and 20 Years in Prison

Following a change of direction in the trial in Alicante, a man accused of murdering his partner and sandwiching the body in a meter room in an apartment block in Torrevieja (Alicante) in 2016 has accepted a sentence of 20 years in prison. The agreement was announced on Tuesday by his lawyer Carlos Martin Borromeo, …

Parents of Child Aggressor Forced to Pay Compensation

The parents of a minor, of undisclosed age, have this week been condemned by the courts of Aragon to pay 662,100 euro to the victim of an assault.
The incident dates back to July, 2013, when the youth was identified as being part of a gang who assaulte…