Trees are important, right?

We might have heard a little about deforestation, but let´s be honest, if we don´t see it on our doorstep, we may well just dismiss it as another fad by environmental complainers, not a real problem, so how can the issue be highlighted to prove that not only is deforestation a global issue, it really
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The Indian government has announced a nationwide ban on captive dolphins being used for public exhibitions. A notice has been issued to numerous administrations enforcing a rejection on dolphinariums which use cetacean captures for trade or exhibition....
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Tuesday 14 October, 2013

BUSINESS NEWS The Spanish stock market climbed 0.28% on Monday, setting a new yearly record of in 0.696 points, while Lisbon is up 0.98%, London 0.32%, Milan 0.19%, Paris by 0.07% and Frankfurt by 0.01%. Housing sales decline accelerated by 15.4% during the month of August, with 23,552 operations. Industrial production was up by 1% […]

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Animal rescue on the Panama Canal

Around 300 animals have been rescued and relocated so far in Atlantic area of the expansion project of the Panama Canal, during a campaign that has been running for the last 5 months. The most common group has been reptiles, mostly crocodiles and iguanas, followed by mammals, amphibians and birds, especially those that are characterized […]
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It is not bunny!

A 61 year old Japanese woman is suing the Oita cosmetics firm she worked for, after she was forced to wear rabbit on account of her sales targets flopping. The woman is now claiming mental torture and humiliation, after photographs of her were used as an example to other sales people, should they not reach […]
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International Animal Rescue

Police in Argentina have rescued an injured Andean condor, one of the largest flying birds in the world. The picture shows the standard size of the animal. It is also a protected species in...
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