Police Officer Saved by Samsung Mobile

Police Officer Saved by Samsung Mobile

A police officer in Thailand has more than most to thank Samsung for, after his smartphone reportedly saved his life, after he was shot by a fleeing suspect. Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm from the…


A new study has revealed that chickens have grown to five times the size they were 50 years ago. However, the study does not reveal that chickens may be big enough to take over the world any time soon, but rather it is for commercial reasons that they are increasing in size, with the data […]


A number of schools in Washington, USA, have taken the decision to remove and ban swings from their playgrounds, on account of 200,000 American kids being treated in emergency rooms for swing-related injuries, mostly walking in front or behind. A spokesperson said, “Swings have been determined to be the most unsafe of all the playground […]


Iconic red telephone boxes are making a comeback in London; although this time they are being painted green and offer the opportunity for mobile phone users to charge their devices. Charging is free in the “Solarbox”, so long as the user absorbs a string of adverts, in a scheme that won the designers, Harold Craston […]


A grandmother from Bosnia has appeared in local papers, who are reporting on her unusual gift, the fact that she is sable to cure eye ailments, by licking the patient’s eyeballs. Her brother was the first to be cured when he was a child, after he had a splinter in his eye, reluctantly he agreed […]


A satellite launched in 2009 to map gravity has discovered that there has been a change in the last five years which scientists claim is directly related to climate change. As the icecaps of the Antarctic have reduced over the last five years, the gravity of the earth has reduced exactly matching the collapse of […]


Patrons at a restaurant in Port Allen in Lousiana, America, are able to partake in a 10% discount on the menu, so long as they are armed when they are dining. The restaurant owner says that the plan was originally to thank law enforcement officers for the work they do, but then other gun-carrying customers […]

A question of size

A new study from Kenya, which also claims support from the American Universities of California and Alabama, claims that penis size is directly related to infidelity. The bad news is, those with “more” are likely to be most deceived. According to scientists behind the study at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, the reason is simply that, […]


Bald Americans may soon be able to brush their new lion like hair, after the Fda has approved a new laser device that the manufacturers claim is proven to work in reversing hair loss. The iGrow Hair Growth system, made by Apira Science, is available without prescription and uses lasers and LEDs to illuminate the […]



A new device approved for use in America, will law enforcement officers to track mobile phone data, including who you´ve been calling, where you and they are and other sensitive data. The Stingray is a device that can fit in a briefcase and mimics a telecom transmission tower. The result being that all mobile phones […]



In preparation for what is expected to be one of the busiest Christmas seasons for years, American stores have already begun recruiting temporary staff. Toys-R-Us announced they would be hiring 45,000 seasonal employees, the same number as 2013. Wal-Ma…

One dead, others injured in Gran Canaria minibus crash

One person has died and others injured, three of them serious, after a tourist minibus carrying 17 people overturned on the island of Gran Canaria, according to the Guardia Civil. The incident is being described as “very serious” by the emergency coordination centre, after the crash occurred at 10:20 on Monday morning on the road […]

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