Hi. In case you didn´t work it out already, my name is Mark Nolan and I present the moning shows on Exite Radio across the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, every weekday from 8am until 12pm (7-11 UK time).

Listen LIVE on 89.2 & 93.1fm if you´re local, or on the web at, or use the listen live link on the right of these pages.

I also write for our flagship newspaper, The Leader, and you can read my articles at about local news and events. I also post them here though.
In addition to that, I like to bring the best of the web, the TV and entertainment news and a lot of stuff that interests me to my entertainment magazine MadBlackCat. A site is really about me sharing what I find interesting on the internet. Sometimes it´s pictures, sometimes it´s videos and sometimes it might be articles or stories from the news.

You are welcome to join me on Twitter or Facebook and join in the party, because if there is something that interests you, let me know. It might interest me too.

And a final note, this is not about spam, scam or get rich quick. It is about sharing love, fun and joy and the odd genuine way that you CAN make money. Please don´t try to ask me to share any kind on scheme that will only result in spamming, because that is NOT what I am about.

Otherwise… Enjoy 🙂

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