Nine Deaths due to Heat Wave

Although today is expected to be a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday, caution is still advised, especially after nine fatalities have now been attributed to the heat wave

Two people have died in Tarragona as a result of the heat wave, the first was a homeless man who was taken into hospital after being found fainted near the Roman monument of Centcelles.

The second victim, also undocumented and believed to be homeless, was found in the Campclar area and died a few hours after being taken to the health centre.

Last week, a middle-aged man collapsed in Barcelona due to heat stroke, and was transferred in a critical condition to the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, ​​where nothing could be done to save his life.

An 81-year-old man living in Miajadas (Cáceres), also died from heat stroke, the first mortal victim to have suffered the high temperatures in Extremadura.

These latest victims are added to the list from last week, including one more in Barcelona and two in Murcia.

The advice in these hot times is to drink plenty of water, avoid going out during the hottest time of day, if you are out walk in the shaded areas, wear loose fitting clothing and a hat, and remember to wear sun cream.

Pay particular attention to the more vulnerable, the elderly, infirm and young, the homeless if possible, and of course the pets, and make sure they remain hydrated.