Censure Motion Filed against Orihuela Mayor

It has become almost a more frequent occurrence than the actual job of running the municipality, but once again, politicians in Orihuela are battling each other, this time with a censure motion against the current mayor.

The socialist municipal group filed the motion on Wednesday against the ‘PP’ mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, after he failed to justify his work as regional director of health during a period between 2007 and 2014.

The motion will remain in place until the 23rd of the month, in the hope that the three councillors from the Ciudadanos group will also sign, thus making the necessary 13 votes to pass as an absolute majority of 25.

“We hope Ciudadanos reconsiders,” says PSOE spokesperson Carolina Gracia, “reflecting that what the government team are trying to maintain is unsustainable. what they should do is forget about the election returns and be responsible,” and therefore support them in a take over of government.

The motion is supported by the 10 votes of the PSOE, against the 11 that the PP hold, and so they need the support to make the requisite minimum to take over.