France Set to Reduce Speed Limits

Edouard Philippe, the French Prime Minister, signed the decree that establishes the reduction of the maximum permitted speed from 90 km / h to 80 km / h on French roads with bidirectional traffic and without central separator from July 1. This decree was published in the Official Gazette.

However, on the cards might also be a further reduction for trucks.

Philippe answered questions about proposed changes to French traffic law. Among the questions was one about the reduction of the speed of the trucks to 70 km / h on secondary roads, to which the Prime Minister answered, “What the experts say about road transport and road safety is that the best solution is the homogeneity of the flow.”

The bill also contains some contrary clauses that allows for local administrations to adapt the laws to their own roads. According to our information, this bill contains at the moment three articles:

  • Article 1 leaves to the mayors to establish the speed limits in urban areas within the limits of the reduction or the speed increase of 10 km / h, which does not exceed 70 km / h.
  • Article 2 allows the presidents of the county councils to define the maximum permitted speeds outside the built-up area for two-way departmental roads without a central separator, within the limit of 90 km / h.
  • Article 3 gives the prefects the possibility of defining the maximum permitted speeds outside the conurbation of national bidirectional roads, up to a limit of 90 km / h.