Ambulance Strike across Valencia a ‘Success’

Union officials representing ambulance workers have described the first day of an indefinite strike as a “success”.

The unions have called the protest in demand of a fair collective agreement, before the “repeated breach” of the commitments made by the employers of the sector, the improvement of working conditions and risk prevention, as well as protesting against professional intrusion.

They demand an effective reduction of the working day, currently eleven hours a day , but without a salary reduction; a living wage and maintenance of all concepts; and the recognition of professional training, since there is currently no financial compensation.

Although the workers are still maintaining all emergency cover, as well as most other services, they are also concerned about the demands for a “minimum service” during the action.

Francisco Javier Molina, coordinator of health transport of the FeSP of the UGT, which represents 85% of the health transport sector, explained that there are about 1,700 workers who are called to this strike indefinitely.

He has criticised that the Administration for “violating a constitutional right” and has added: “They are laughing at us”.