Serial Sex Attacker Arrested in Elche

Officers from the Specialist and Violent Crime Unit in Alicante have arrested a young man of 24 years of, age and Moroccan nationality, believed to be responsible for a series of sexual offences, six of them against children.

According to the National Police, the investigation began in May last year, after two complaints were submitted relating to two sexual assault crimes committed on the same day and within a few hours of each other in Alicante.

Through the information provided by the victims, the investigators determined that the same person was responsible for both attacks, as the modus operandi was identical. The aggressor followed his victims until they in the doorway of their homes and, once there, assaulting them violently and touching them in intimate places on their body.

As the investigation continued, another victim reported a new sexual assault late last year with the same characteristics, so the investigators began to consider the possibility that it was a serial sex offender responsible.

Earlier this year, the suspect changed his area of ​​operation and moved to other neighbourhoods in the city of Alicante, hampering the investigation. However, it wasn´t long before another complaint was filed; in fact another four cases were reported in a short space of time.

The investigations identified the alleged assailant, and so that investigating officers established surveillance in the areas where the assaults occurred in order to locate this person.

On Wednesday of this week, officers located the vehicle used by the assailant, and after discreet monitoring, intercepted him and detained him in Elche on suspicion of seven crimes against sexual freedom.

In a house search, investigators found clothes and accessories used by the suspect during the commission of the crimes under investigation