More than 200 Subsidised Jobs Offered to Young People of Torrevieja

Thanks to subsidised funding, more than 200 unemployed young people may find jobs in Torrevieja, so long as they sign up quickly.

A grant, which exceeds one million euro, was awarded in 2017 and implies a maximum recruitment of up to 153 young people, 67 qualified people (with a degree or higher) and 86 unskilled workers (who must have at most ESO or the specific qualification in some specific cases such as the lifeguard posts).

To qualify, you must be between 16 and 29, and can find yourself working for Torrevieja town hall on a 12-month contract, at least.

In all cases they must be registered and appear as active beneficiaries, and registered in the SERVEF of Torrevieja as unemployed. In addition, they must be enrolled in one of the occupations that are available.

However, those who are interested in finding work placements must sign up at the Local Development Agency and SERVEF before June 8, where more information is also available.