Orihuela Police Unions Urge Government to Reject ‘Pseudo Officers’

Trade unions representing Local Police officers in the Orihuela municipality are urging the local government to support them in rejecting the creation of 10 posts for “mobility agents”, who they say are nothing more than a cheaper alternative to qualified and skilled police officers, lacking the same powers.

The unions describe the creation of the roles as “inoperative for the citizens”, and remind the government that the posts were scrapped in favour of expanding the staff of the Local Police of Orihuela. A decision that, they point out, has created great discomfort in the police staff.

Of the 10 places provided for mobility agents, at the moment there are 4 that have already been drawn put to placement, and soon the rest will be convened, always adjusting to the economic restrictions that the central government marks.

For the unions, this is nothing more than the creation of “pseudo-agents” since they say that their “only role is to regulate traffic, since these agents lack the authority to denounce, so they cannot fine or prosecute crimes”.

The representatives of the police criticise the move, saying that “every time we have less police and they want to substitute us for low cost agents”, since the government of Emilio Bascuñana tries “to have a few workers with a low salary, taking them off the streets,” and they cannot perform the police functions, because they are not the police.