Local Police Run Out of Ammunition

The Local Police in the Alicante municipality of Elche, a location that hosts one of the biggest international airports in the country, are running out of ammunition due to problems with the service contract.

The officers are currently armed and have ammunition to support their daily activities, but range practice, which has to be conducted twice a year, as been put on hold.

A supply contract that should have seen 31,000 bullets delivered to the police seems to have been left unfulfilled, with no immediate resolution on hand.

Many of the officers are still carrying out shooting practice on a regular basis however, as because this is voluntary, they pay for the ammunition themselves.

All officers, with the exception of those not required to carry firearms, are equipped with a service pistol with two chargers, each holding 17 rounds. This same profile is adopted during shooting practice to ensure consistency should the weapons have to be fired in the line of duty.