More State Funding for the Valencia Region?

The Ciudadanos political group has reached an agreement with the Spanish central government to progress amendments to the 2018 State Budget 2018 that will increase the funding given to the Valencia region to 12 million euro.

Sources close to the group have said that the instigators of the investment plan, Albert Rivera and Fernando Giner, have negotiated “guaranteed” ten million euro for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Valencia, one million for the N-238 road between Castellón and Vinaròs, and another million for the suburban rail link that will connect Alicante, Elche, Murcia and the Costa Blanca air hub at El Altet, Alicante-Elche Airport.

These amendments will be put to the vote on Thursday in the Budget Committee of the Congress of Deputies, where the budget bill will be debated and will be defended by Ciudadanos.