Never Open Your Door to These People – Police Warning

The Spanish National Police have once again issued a warning over a potential scam that comes to your doorstep.

The warning is aimed at educating us of the risk these fraudsters create, so as to avoid more people falling victim to the scam.

This warning is in relation to so called “fake gasmen” who frequently knock on doors offering mandatory gas inspections of such fixtures as cookers and gas fires.

Whereas it is true that equipment must satisfy mandatory minimum safety standards, the official bodies never act in the same was as the scammers.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of these scams, the police advise of three very important points to remember.

1. The official gas service distributors will always advise appointments, with a date and time, by an official letter, which contains details which are verifiable by calling your contracted distributor (not the number on the letter, but the number on your contract)

2. The official distributor´s inspectors never charge cash, they ALWAYS add the service onto your bill

3. You should always check and verify the visit with your distributor (as mentioned in point 1), by contacting your contracted company´s details, not the information provided on the doorstep

Although some of these scammers do act in good faith, the only real solution for ensuring your own security is to rely on the services of the distribution company your contract is with. Dates can be checked on the gas pipes themselves, and you can request an inspection at any time by contacting your distribution company.