Brits Fined for Benidorm Base Jumping

Police in Benidorm have fined a group of British BASE jumpers for illegally parachuting off a tower block in the town.

The individuals, of British nationality, were preparing to jump from the “Torre Levante” apartment building.

The police had already filed a report on the group who had, apparently, been videotaping their exploits and then spreading the footage through the internet.

The 4 people are face fines of up to 300,000 euro, and, according to the police, the group had already made several jumps in the town, all without permission, prior to the police intervention.

The officers seized the parachutes on the grounds of safety before filing the reports.

Benidorm is the location where official sporting events take place, all of which are carefully monitored, and covered by safety protocols as well as insurance.

An official BASE jumping event in Benidorm