Weather Chaos Fine ‘Insulting’

The consumer group FACUA has considered the fine of 1,200 euro levied on the road management company Abertis as “insulting”, after thousands of motorists were left stranded in snow on at AP-6 motorway in January.

The Spanish government had conducted disciplinary proceedings against the Abertis group following the crisis which left more than 3,000 vehicles cut off in a stretch of 80 kilometre road during the 7th and 8th of January. The fine was a a result of “breach of the obligation established in the concession contract to conserve the road in perfect conditions of use”, according to the newspaper, El Mundo .

FACUA filed a complaint against Iberpistas before the Ministry of Development immediately after the incident, in which they demanded that Minister, Íñigo de la Serna, sanction the company and ensure it compensates the thousands of people affected by the damages suffered. The “ridiculous” fine comes without the government having formally demanded that the Abertis group pay the compensation claimed to those affected, reports the association.