Delayed by Vueling Strike? Remember to Claim Compensation!

Spanish consumer group Facua is reminding passengers affected by a strike by Vueling pilots this week to claim their expenses in compensation for the disruption.

Vueling pilots called a “wildcat strike” on the 3rd and 4th of May, resulting in 232 flights being cancelled throughout the country, with Barcelona being the most affected city, with 112 cancellations at the El Prat airport.

FACUA have issued a statement reminding all those affected by the cancellation of Vueling flights are entitled to both a full refund of the price of the tickets and compensation for damages . In addition, they can also claim compensation for cancellations through European Regulation EC 261/2004.

FACUA respects the right to strike by the pilots and that its recommendations are addressed, although the consumers also have rights under these circumstances.

In addition, the group states that in circumstances like this, the airline is obliged to assist passengers in case they need it, so they must provide enough food and drink for the time it is necessary to wait and free accommodation in a hotel when it is necessary to wait overnight for one or more nights and refund the cost of transportation back to the airport. The airline must also return the amount of the return flight or connection if they were outside the city of origin.

The association warns that the company must fully compensate for these damages in accordance with the corresponding regulations. In addition, as confirmed by a ruling of the European Union High Court of Justice, a “wildcat strike” is not a reason to deny compensation to affected users.