57 Minors Found Drinking in Disco Party

The Municipal Police in Madrid broke up an all-night party in a closed down disco, where they found a total of 57 minors who were drinking alcohol.

The officers were in plain clothes carrying out preventative surveillance in the Chamartín area, when they say a young male enter an establishment, which had apparently closed and was not illuminated, on Avenida de Concha Espina at about 3am.

The police entered and counted 129 people inside. Two adults were behind the bar, mixing alcoholic beverages in soda bottles.

Sources at the police indicated that the bar has a licence for private functions and had been rented for that purpose. The officers therefore removed the 57 minors and allowed the adults to continue with the party, as no irregularities had been committed.

The parents of the minors were notified by the officers so they were aware of their children’s situation.