Electricity Cost Rises Again

Domestic electricity bills have increased for the third consecutive month, now up on average by 7.54 euro more than in August.

The monthly increase this November was 2.7%, prompting the consumer watchdog FACUA to denounce the Government’s passivity in the face of the high cost of electricity and the alarming rates of energy poverty.

At the year-on-year level, the electricity bill with the rates for this November will be 3.5% more expensive for the average user than twelve months ago, according to the association’s calculations.

FACUA warns of another especially hard winter for families with less economic resources, who will be deprived of the use of heating for another year or will suffer cuts due to their lack of capacity to pay, given the absence of effective measures by the Government to alleviate the energy poverty. The association criticizes the new social bonus launched by the Executive which is even worse than the previous one, given that fewer families will be able to benefit from it and it represents much lower discounts.