Officers from the National Police, in collaboration with Merseyside Police, have broken up a group of suspected drug traffickers who sent trucks from Spain to Britain with marijuana hidden in packages allegedly containing marble tiles.

The Police report that on have arrested 24 people, 21 in Spain and 3 in England, and have dismantled four marijuana plantations with more than 1,600 plants, in addition to locating a fifth, which was also disassembled. Officers also seized industrial packaging equipment located in a villa and 58 kilos of marijuana buds.

The gang would use bricks to increase the weight of the boxes used for transportation, pretending they were marble tiles to avoid suspicion.

The group, based in Valencia, Catalonia and Andalusia, was formed of mostly young people aged between 22 and 25, residing in luxury areas of Barcelona and Marbella and owned high-end vehicles without an apparent legal profession.

Of those arrested in Spain, eight have been in Catalonia, five in Malaga and eight in Alicante, and including the two leaders of the gang and the son of one of them. He was responsible for directing the youth group controlling the crop and accounting for their illegal activity.

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