Officers from the National Police have arrested a 15-year male for sharing explicit videos and images of a former partner, a 13-year-old, with their friends.

A complaint was filed in the Provincial Police station of the National Police in Alicante, following one of the regular talks given by officers in schools.

The officers were told of a child who was being victimised by her and former partner, who was only 15 years old. Officers discovered that the boy exercised “great control” over the victim and urged her to take and send several photographs of a sexual nature through a mobile messaging application. With all this information, the Judicial Police Brigade took over the investigation and took statements from the victim. In this

The officers realised that the case was “more serious” than first expected and so, with all this information, the Judicial Police took over the investigation and took statements from the victim. In this

The arrest came following confirmation that the recordings of sexually explicit content were made without the consent of the girl, and were then distributed to several friends in common.

In addition, the girl, upon cessation of the relationship, continued to be threatened with further exposure on social media platforms.

The investigation reported to the parents of the boy and resulted in mobile phones used to perform recordings and variety of computer equipment being seized. At 15 years of age, he will be charged with crimes of gender violence, discovery and disclosure of secrets and corruption of minors.

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