A Spanish meat product manufacturing company, Eurofrits based in Burgos, is under investigation for fraud, after allegedly deceiving customers over the content of its products.

The situation is more complicated than normal as the company produce so-called “white label” products for other companies to distribute under their own brands.

The company manufactures quick frozen products such as beef burgers and meatballs, amongst others, distributed through different Spanish supermarket chains.

The Guardia Civil has said that the company was hiding ingredients on its labels, such as pork, bread and soy, and that it sold its products as if they were only prepared with meat.

The investigation concludes that since 2002 the different processed meat could contain less than 25% of beef. Through an analysis in a specialised laboratory of the Central State Administration, the investigators demonstrated fraud on the part of Eurofrits, which acted to its own benefit.

The agents went to several establishments to make the inspections and took random samples in order to prove that it was a fraud. Although Eurofrits claims that it has not benefited the brand, it recognises that there is a defect in the labelling of some of the products and ensures that, for a year, the labels have been ‘corrected and updated’ and that they now comply with legislation.

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