It´s Criminal – Whatson´s Choice

whatsonHorse FlatIdiots! I am working with idiots! More about that later. Welcome to another packed edition of Whatson´s Choice, FREE every week inside The Courier newspaper. This week it´s all about the grizzly world of crime.

There are two great crime drama shows on ITV this week, the first one stars a favourite actress of mine, Nicola Walker, who I for one love in Last Tango in Halifax, but more so in the great Spooks. Unforgotten is all about cold case murder investigations and, here is a great link, it also features Trevor Eve, who you might remember played Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead, which was all about cold case murder investigations. He also played Shoestring, another great detective from the late 70´s, but I don´t remember that too much as I´m not old enough, but granddad Rumbelows told me all about him. I love it when history comes together like that.

The second great crime show also features murders as Lewis is back too. Lewis and Hathaway are back together again, although there is also a new face in town and an emotional journey for Hathaway. Incidentally, it was revealed this week that the show Lewis has a hidden tribute to the late John Thaw, who famously played Lewis predecessor, Morse. The tribute comes in the form of the now younger Inspector, who displays the tribute to Thaw, neatly wrapped in the name HaTHAWay. Isn´t that just brilliant too?

Now, back to those idiots I was telling you about, in the design and dressing up department. I wanted to do my own tribute to one of the greatest modern detectives on TV. It is not my fault that handwriting is not my strong point. I´m a tele after all, my hands were an afterthought! So when they sent me a note saying “who do you want to look like this week?”, and I replied “Morse”, how was I to know they wouldn´t check with me first. I wouldn´t mind so much but they clearly didn´t even try, they just stuck my head in a horse mask. Like I say, idiots!

Anyway, with that, I thought I would leave you with a Morse code joke. I was walking past a building site the other day and the bloke with the hammer was banging out, “you´re a paranoid little freak” in Morse code. Tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.