Strictly Showtime – Whatson’s Choice

whatson Strictly FLATFor fans of glitz and glamour, it is our weekend, as the new stars of Strictly Come Dancing return to our screens after their three weeks of training and wow us with everything they’ve learnt.

This week, I am dressed for the occasion, with my sequined cummerbund and sparkly collared-shirt, ready to step in if anybody drops out, as I am certain that I could be the next champion of the dance floor, if anybody bothered to ask me that is.

The rugby is still continuing, and still messing up the soaps, so keep your eye on the listings pages for all the changes. Wasn’t Corrie exciting though! The live episode was something else. Yeah, one or two little hiccups, but nothing serious. I for one wouldn’t want to meet that Callum on a dark night! Although the actor who plays him is lovely and happens to be dating Georgia May-Foot, who used to be on Corrie and is now in Strictly… I want her to win now, not out of fear, but because she is going to be very good… Probably!

In other tear jerking tele moments this week we have the Pride of Britain awards, celebrating some great people and their emotional stories, so that is definitely one to watch, so long as you keep the tissues on hand.

There’s also a shooting on Emmerdale this week, but who is responsible and will the real culprit come forward, they are the questions on everybody’s lips, or at least they will be now.

I have one more little thing to say after my joke of the week, a dance related little giggle, “Why don’t dogs make good dancers? Because they have two left feet!” But when I was looking for a dancing joke I stumbled across a great inspirational line which I thought I would leave you with. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.