I Look Like an Idiot!

whatson Rugby FLATNO! Don´t look at me! When they said they were going to dress me up for the rugby I thought I was going to look like one of those lovely ladies from the Lifestyle+ pull-out last week. Glamorous, sultry, sexy even, but no, they didn´t tell me they were going to dress me up as the ball! What kind of cruel world is this if your favourite television can´t get dressed up in something stylish?

I know why they did it by the way. Spite. Pure SPITE! It´s because I admitted that I actually don´t like rugby! It´s still no way to treat a person / television character. I have feelings! I don´t have anything against the rugby, I know it´s popular, it´s just not for me (insert joke about men with funny shaped balls).

Anyway, the good news is I know I´m not alone. If you like the rugby, that´s fine, you´re welcome to it. In fact, there´s even your FREE pull out and keep rugby planner in The Courier again this week, and there are still a couple left in the office if you want a glossy one. Be quick though, I really mean a couple!

Right, back to this week, as I was saying, I know I´m not alone so what I´ve done this week is gone through the TV guide and picked some of the alternatives to rugby, and there are a lot of them, especially on Friday when the big event starts. You read about my picks on the days, because there´s no Corrie or Emmerdale on Friday, there´s lots of space for me to fill. And I filled it.

Talking of Corrie though, it is a dramatic week this week as they go LIVE for one episode, to celebrate the birthday of ITV. Listen out for mistakes, name changes even the odd little rumble or furniture, as the cast partake in one of the scariest episodes of their lives.

Doctor Who´s back this week too. Ah, see, they could have dressed me up as the Doctor. I can see myself in a long scarf and a hat, like the Tom Baker version. I wish I´d stayed quiet about the rugby now!

Anyway, that´s it for now, I´ve got more to write about this week so I´m off. I do have a rugby joke for you. My mate thought he was doing really well in the rugby match for his local pub, but all everyone kept saying was “nice try”!

Tatty bye my friends. Tatty bye.