Patriotism Aplenty – Whatson´s Choice

I´ve got a double-bubble costume this week, firstly to join in with the totally famous Last Night at the Proms, and then later to celebrate all of the UK teams in the Rugby World Cup. I thought about dressing as a parking warden in recognition of Parking Wars starting on ITV this week, but I decided that wasn´t such a great idea.

Another great music based show on ITV this week looks back at TV theme tunes. I do love a good theme tune, it´s great when I play your favourite one and you instantly stop and look and get comfy in front of me, ready to be entertained.

Jools Holland is back this week too, maintaining the music and autumn feel, but for me, it´s like the official start of the autumn when I get the chance to show you the Last Night of the Proms, and when Blackpool illuminations are switched on, which was last week by the way. This week it´s been a little damp around here too, off and on, so I think the summer is definitely over.

By the way, before I forget, one of the downsides to major sporting events is that other shows have to move to accommodate, especially the soaps. Next Friday, there will be no Emmerdale or Corrie, because of the start of the Rugby World Cup, we´ll talk about that a little next week, but one really, really important thing I have to tell you is that Coronation Street will be shown on Sunday this week, so make sure you set your timer.

I´ve also added a little preview of Sunday´s Corrie, in case you do miss it, but don´t read it if you don´t want any spoilers! By the way, the soap roundup you read on these pages is only part of the whole story. If you visit the website,, you can read all about the top three soaps every day at 10pm, because we don´t want to spoil your fun.