Dance Into the Past – Whatson´s Choice

“Do, do, do, do, do, do, dooooooo, do, do, do, do, DO. Do, do, do, do, do, do, dooooooo, do, do, do, do, DO“, are you singing along? You know you know it, of course you do. It´s the theme tune to Strictly Come Dancing!

It´s back. We had X-Factor last week, I know, but this week it´s the return of sequins and lycra to our screens, so what´s not to get excited about? There are actually some real celebrities in the line-up this year too, unlike Big Brother, but we´ll not mention that, other than to say that an on-line poll was conducted asking people if they knew the “celebs” in big brother, with the majority of people saying “no” to most of them. Time to drop the “celebrity” word methinks.

There´s another dance show coming soon too, aiming to recreate the Dance Hall Glory Days in Bolton, which is something to look forward to.

Doctors too, there are lots of those this week, from former Corrie star Suranne Jones playing Doctor Foster (it´s not about Gloucester by the way, that´s a different Doctor Foster), and Martin Clunes returning as Doc Martin, which is very exciting news.

Another great show I want to tell you about is on at a really early time, in the morning, so I really don´t want you to miss it, it´s called Blitz Cities and sees some famous faces go on a history tour looking at life during the Blitz. History is not for everyone, but without history there would be no future (I read that on a set of chopsticks once), and it is important to keep history alive, or we just might forget.

Our joke of the week is an old one, on the subject of history, why were the early days of history called the dark ages? Because there were so many knights! Tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.