Criminal Partnerships – Whatson’s Choice

whatson tv Audrey FLATI was being a hedgehog!!! It was a costume. That is in answer to those who emailed me this week asking what the big brown spikes were coming out of my back. We were talking about hedgehogs if you remember so that´s why I dressed up. I´ve got a hedgehog joke for you this week instead of my usual tele-based pun, thanks to Craig who sent it in. I´ll tell you at the end.

This week, I am being Audrey from the Little Shop of Horrors, “FEED ME!” There was a Seymour in that musical who fell in love with Audrey, the human not the plant. I am being Audrey the blood thirsty plant. There are lots of Seymours in this week´s edition and I didn´t want to be left out. When I say “lots”, I mean two, but it´s two more than last week!

I thought about dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, playing homage to the partner of my near namesake, near because I have an extra letter thanks to my dad probably having one too many and writing it wrong on the TV license application, and there are lots of detective type shows on at the moment, including Sherlock, which I am loving the repeats of by the way and can´t wait until the end of the year to see the next brand new episode.

I am also loving Ripper Street, although I already watched the series when it was on Amazon, the fact it has finally made it back on TV is a great testament to the demands of fans, although it should never have been axed in the first place. Then again, neither should The Bill, Spooks, The Following… The list could be endless.

On the subject of crime, I have to say that I´m loving Partners In Crime on BBC One on Sunday night. I was a little bit reluctant at first, just because I didn´t think I could take David Walliams seriously enough if I´, honest, but he has done Agatha Christie work before so I should have given him the benefit of doubt, but he´s actually rather good I think, as is the whole show.

This week, a British scientist, Gilbert Worthing, who was working on a top-secret prototype for a nuclear bomb, has gone missing from a military base in Cromer, along with his work. All Tommy knows is that the perpetrator is staying at the nearby Sans Souci guesthouse and is most likely a Soviet superspy code named N… or is it M?

Tommy must travel in disguise as a birdwatcher to Cromer, in order to identify which guest at the Sans Souci is holding the British government to ransom. Things get even more complicated when it turns out that Tuppence, dismayed at being left out, has beaten him to it and already ingratiated herself with the other guests. But Tommy and Tuppence must learn to work together again if they are going to identify the Soviet spy, save the missing scientist, and discover the location of the missing bomb before half of Norfolk is obliterated.

In my main pick of the week highlights this week there´s lots more to see on TV, and all of those Seymours I mentioned as Who Do You Think You Are details the life of Jane Seymour, and The Scandalous Lady W takes us on an historic journey back to the 18th century to look at the dramatic like of Seymour, Lady Worsley.

Now, back to that hedgehog joke sent in my Craig.” Hedgehogs would probably be a lot more popular if they shared the hedge!” You might need to think about it for a moment, but from me it´s goodnight. Tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.