Another week and another great list of shows to cram into our watching Schedule once again. I´m Whatson and I´m going to guide you on my pick of all things tele-glorious this week and beyond.

233 whatsonHedghog

Before I do that though, did you see Julian Clary returned to our screens on Sunday in Nature Nuts with Julian Clary? I never realised he was such an animal lover, just goes to show. One of the places he met was a Hedgehog Hospital, well if you turn to page 9 of your TV pull-out you will see that Hedgehog Hospital has got its own show. How great is that!

By the way, on the subject of hedgehogs, did you see in the news how a marketing agency created a miniature road signalling system for small animals in the city of Vilnius in Lithuania? They created an ensemble of signs and markings showing a zebra crossing for hedgehogs, an airport for birds, a picnic area for cats and a swimming area for ducks, all with the aim of promoting their agency. If you´re on the internet, have a look at the hashtag #TINYROADSIGN if you want to see more.

Back to the real world though, we will also be going on a visit to the deep blue sea at the end of the month, and focusing on animal mums, definitely a treat in store for animal lovers.

Next week, on Friday, we also have a look at Mountain Goats on BBC One, although it´s not quite what you might think. It´s a sitcom about what the BBC describe as “a ragtag group of Mountain Rescue volunteers”, more about that later.

How are you enjoying Bake Off by the way? It always takes me a bit of time to get back into it if I´m honest, but then I suppose it´s all about the preparation. Anyway, if you´re a Paul Hollywood fan, you can find out all of his most intimate secrets this week in Who Do You Think You Are on BBC One.

Keep it in the Family is back on ITV this week, with Bradley Walsh still keeping things together, Jimi Mistry is one of the celebs, fresh from his dramatic Corrie role and The Cube is back with two more celebrities, Rufus Hound and Rob Beckett.

Finally, I leave you with my TV joke of the week. Brace yourselves, it´s a classic! There’s an old TV show about two detectives who solve crimes over the phone. It´s called Star Key and Hash!

Until the next time, tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.

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