Excited about Bake Off

Hello, my name´s Whatson, a little bit like Sherlock´s doctor friend but my name has an extra “H”, but don´t let that put you off, it´s still pronounced the same. Oh, and I´m pleased to meet you.

Did you see me on last week´s cover of your Courier TV Pull-out? I wasn´t supposed to be here until this week but those lovely people in the design studio let me slip in to have a look round. It´s amazing what a bottle of gin and a packet of fags can get you these days. Not that I´m condoning bribery of course.

Each week I´ll be brining you “Whatson´s Choice”, my weekly pick of the best things to look out for on the box, right here on these pages.

This week we start baking with the return of Bake Off, and the cheap imposter, no I mean that show that´s nothing like Bake Off on the other channel. There´s also BBQ Champ to look forward to, but I´ll not mention Flockstars, or the worrying connection between sheep and BBQ shows. You can work that one out.

But back to Bake Off, once again 12 new bakers don their aprons and head for the iconic tent in the heart of the British countryside. Judges Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood have created 30 new challenges that will test their baking prowess, creativity, and skill, in a bid to find the country’s best amateur baker.

From Victorian classics to high end patisserie, chocolate sculptures to everyday staples, the bakers will need a cool head and even colder hands to make it to the final. With them every step of the way are Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on.

Starting with Cake week, the bakers’ first signature challenge is to make a Madeira cake. It’s a well-loved cake, but which of our bakers will try to impress by reinventing this classic, and who will play safe in a bid to get perfect Madeira with its traditional crack?

With one challenge out the way the bakers face their first technical: Mary’s Frosted Walnut Cake, a pre-war classic that is as British as they come. Light sponge sandwiched with buttercream and covered with sweet meringue, this technically challenging cake is one of Mary’s favourites and no one wants to disappoint the Queen of Baking.

There´s a great show for natural history lovers this week, focusing on Earth´s Natural Wonders, and a new travel show narrated by Johnny Vegas, but on a more serious and sinister note, there is a very dark and disturbing show called Abducted. It is a must to watch, but one that will leave you very upset.

I´ll leave you with the TV joke of the week, dismissing rumours about Marge Simpson´s health. Some people have been commenting that her face looks drawn.

Until the next time, tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.