20150512 - The American Axe

The American Axe

Over in America this week, a time has come which is now a much anticipated annual event, when network bosses review some of our favourite TV shows and decide whether to renew them or not.

Sadly, for the autumn 2015 to mid-season 2016 period, the axe is falling on some of the shows which have refreshed the schedules, but the good news is that some of them are set to stay.

It is of course interesting to look at as the UK imports many of those shows, but others are perhaps indicative of changing times in TV watching habits.

One such surprise is that reality “talent” show American Idol has been axed, although it will return this year for its last season. Is this the end of the TV talent show? Probably not yet as The Voice has been renewed, along with Dancing with the Stars.

Raymond Reddington will survive into next year with a brand new series of The Blacklist, although, sadly, it´s nevermore for The Following and Quincy type immortal medical examiner show Forever will not be returning. Homeland copy State of Affairs has also been axed, which is a shame as they never did explain what happened to the submarine in episode 1.

20150512 - The American Axe

We´re heading back to Chester´s Mill for another series of Under the Dome, although, with their new found exit last time, the question here is will we remain encased?

Utopia, Revenge, Two and a Half Men, and even Glee are to be no more, along with Gracepoint, the American remake of a British show with some of the same actors, including David Tennant, speaking Americanish, are all set to be axed.

“You´re Fired” is the phrase that producers have been hearing all week, but one team that will be repeating it again and again are the people behind Celebrity Apprentice, as that has been confirmed for a 15th series, With Bones, Chicago Fire, Family Guy and Beauty and the Beast all renewed.

Finally, the long awaited return of Mulder and Scully will be in January, as the X-Files will return in the New Year… Maybe! Personally I´m not so sure… But… I Want to Believe!