Officers from the Guardia Civil attended a crash at a notorious junction on the CV903 between Daya Vieja and Formentera on Thursday, after yet another collision resulted in serious injuries.

Two vehicles collided at the junction, with one being forced along the road. The driver of that vehicle was taken to hospital suffering serious injuries.

Neighbours living near the junction have been calling for a roundabout to be installed for some time, owing to the historic risk that the junction has posed.

In fact, the risk has clearly been recognised by the road planners on account of them adding extra signs that indicate the junction is one classed as being of a dangerous nature.

The sign is clearly insufficient in reducing the risk to road users, as was clearly the case once again this week.

The junction is in the heart of a mixed industrial and residential zone, and sees two minor roads cross a major and faster straight road. The layout is clearly suitable for a roundabout, especially as it is already constructed on one side of the road, and yet drivers still have to risk emerging onto the open and fast flowing road in order to cross or deviate.

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