As television screens and newspapers are filled with reports of harsh winter weather, once again the woes of others are celebrated by the businesses that thrive on the winter season.

In the last two months, the salt producing areas of Torrevieja has exported 200,000 tonnes of salt, serving countries around the globe, and not only for weather related services, but in an ever increasing demand in other sectors and countries too.

This week alone has seen another giant ship loading at the city of salt harbour, this time destined to deliver the latest load of load of 23,000 tonnes to Cameroon. In January, Torrevieja saw the Kobe Gloria ship loading at the harbour, which took the first load of 18,000 tonnes to the African country, although that salt was for use in chemicals and the food industry, rather than battling the problems of winter.

With an operating capacity of 800,000 tonnes per year, the site is currently producing an annual 600,000 tonnes as of last year, with two thirds of the production being exported.

With many still hoping that plans to open the salt making facilities as a tourist attraction will be realised one day soon, despite the rejection of the proposal for environmental reasons, and the renovations of the walkway along the salt loading harbour still ongoing and not yet showing signs of completion, the industrial activities of Torrevieja and the surrounding area are already globally renowned, and with this ever increasing market.

The salt lakes of Torrevieja were operating under the administration in the hamlet of La Mata, until they were moved to the city in 1803, by decree of King Carlos IV who in turn authorized the construction of housing. Unlike the vast majority of the salt lakes where salt is removed promptly, in Torrevieja, the whole process takes up to a year to complete.

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