Chatting to Martina Scheurer – 22 May 2014

MartinaSOn Thursday of this week I had my usual radio chat with the Orihuela councillor for International Residents and Beaches, Martina Scheurer. What I decided to do this week was a little experiment for you, in case you missed it or wanted to listen again.

Rather than uploading the whole 43 minute interview, what I thought I would do is cut it up into subjects, uploading each individual element so you can just listen to the bits you are interested in.

They are all listed below. I would be interested if finding out if you prefer it this way, or if you prefer the full thing, so please feel free to use the contact me page here, or message me on Facebook or Twitter (privately please) and let me know.

Today we spoke about the European Elections, beaches, including the chiringuitos and lifeguards, stray cats, future events, which includes a Mariners Market in July, the new footbridges, and green garden waste, which has once again come up after a resident of the orihuela costa reported somebody for dumping and action is being taken.

Anyway, here are the different parts…

Part 1 – European Elections

Part 2 – Beaches (including the beach bars and life guards)

Part 3 – Footbridges

Part 4 – Stray cats

Part 5 – Green garden waste

Part 6 – Events

You can join Martina LIVE on Exite Radio every Thursday morning, just after 10:00, on 93.1fm on the Costa Blanca, or via the website

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