The Update Named EUROPE

StarWars DayLots and lots to tell you about this week, so I´ll cut straight to the chase and waffle later…

It is still an interesting time for Orihuela politics, on Monday I will be joined in the studio by Bob Houliston, telling his side of the story, then on Wednesday it will be Pedro Mancebo joining me. So if you want to know if Houliston will return to government of if Mancebo will overthrow the government, then make sure your radio is pointing to 93.1fm or listen on the internet at You can also search Exite on the TuneIn radio app.

Now, a couple of events. The 9th of May is European Day, because The Schuman Declaration was presented by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950. It proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would pool coal and steel production. That is where it all began. It´s not a holiday though, but there is lots to do.

In Torrevieja, the May Fair starts on the 14th, down at the harbor area, a little later than previous years, but that might mean the rain will stay away for a change. Although, it has been very dry lately, so the rain might be waiting! If you can´t wait that long the Zenia Boulevard have their own mini Sevillana fiesta at the weekend, with dance shows building up to that, as well as dance classes.

A couple of cultural events end this week too, so if you haven´t been to Alicante to see the Orihuela archeology expo, then get a move on! Another one that ends this week is the photography exhibition in Torrevieja, with work from the municipal school is on show. They need your support, so get yer ass darn to the Virgen del Carmen centre.

It´s Bridal Week in Barcelona, so if you´re planning to get hitched, or just want to drop a big old hint, then that is something to consider from Tuesday.

Sporty types will be pleased to know that it´s Decabike next Sunday, when sports shop Decathlon celebrate the bike. It´s not just bikes this year though, it any kind of self propelled transport. No, a car is NOT self propelled, is it?

I will give you the daily what´s on guide… Erm… Daily, on radio, and the web, but this is a little bit of “things to think about whilst you´re having your cocoa”!

One final thing, and this is VERY important, the new traffic laws come into force on Friday. So you had better be prepared for that. All of the details are on the website, but harsher speeding fines, no kids in the front of cars, kids must wear a cycle helmet in towns, when they are on bikes, obviously, not in everyday wear, drug use is criminalized if you´re driving and more. I will post an update nearer the time to remind you, but foreigners must also register their foreign cars in spain. This is not just a tax thing like some are claiming, no, that has always been the case, it is actually registering the car in this country, so that you can be fined if you do things wrong.

See you in the morning from 8:00 am sharp (7:00 in the UK) on Exite Radio, 93.1fm in spain and,


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