During this week´s plenary meeting of the Orihuela council, a motion was proposed by the Partido Popular, supported by the CLr, that would give the responsibility for appointing legal representation to the town hall given to a sub-committee of council members.

The committees are generally formed by representatives of all political groups, chaired by elected members, in principal, as they are numerically the majority members in the town hall, the chairmanship would inevitably be given to members of the PP, or at least their supporters, such as Pedro Mancebo of CLr, responsible for the final decisions that the committee discuss.

Therefore, should the situation be permitted, the Partido Popular would decide on the lawyers to represent in any court cases that the town hall faces, which therefore includes court cases in which the PP or CLr have raised against them.

The end result being that, for example, in the case where the courts are to investigate the legality of the blocking of the censure motion that could have overthrown the government and returned the PP to power, both the prosecution and defence teams would be appointed by the same side, the PP, with the ruling government having no say in their own legal representation.

Currently, the mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén, has appointed legal representation for the case he is defending, but the situation will inevitably lead to yet another legal challenge for Orihuela, as playing a game on both sides would inevitably lead to a win, albeit at the obvious cost to a just and fair hearing.

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