Orihuela town hall is facing yet another historic debt, this time to clear a payment plan agreed for the period between 2006 and 2009, when a previous administration agreed to pay for parking spaces in a public car park for judges and prosecutors at the city´s courts.

The town hall had agreed a monthly payment plan for the spaces in the car park operated by the company, Doalco, but stopped paying the monthly installments. Now, a judge who considered the claim by the company seeking payment has ruled that the town hall must pay the outstanding 65,925 euro bill, from the public funds.

At the time of the agreement, Orihuela was run by the Partido Popular government, with José Manuel Medina as the mayor. The agreement was made on account of the car park at the plaza de Santa Lucía having insufficient spaces.

The matter had been investigated by the anti-corruption prosecutor following a petition filed by opposition members who considered that this payment was improper by the council and not within its powers. As the matter was under investigation, the town hall stopped making the payments, but as the case was later shelved by the prosecutor, the town hall became liable for the outstanding debt.

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