Throughout the last two summers, Orihuela local police have been criticised, with groups being set up to “Stop police destroying our livelihoods”, and many a complaint that entertainers are being fined and bars shut down, for not complying with the laws relating to entertainment and music. The action however was applauded by many others, tired of the abuse that the noise would create.

In Torrevieja, a recent crackdown on the same problem, music and entertainment in bars, has largely gone unchallenged, with many of those who complained about the action in Orihuela even praising the action in Torrevieja.

Now, the police in Torrevieja have taken their compliance a step further, and have started issuing fines to bars and restaurants who not only flout the entertainment laws, but also to those violating the bylaws relating to the use of public spaces.

The rule prohibits the installation of any windshield, canopy or fixed structure on the road without authorization, irrespective of whether or not the property tax on the extension reflects the work.

The officers involved in this latest clamp down on abuses of regulations has seen at least twenty such bars have reports filed against them in a single weekend, although the tariff of fines is not yet clear as the document which relates to the level of financial penalty is due to be updated.

Many are now praising this latest method of legalising business activities in compliance with the law, although some are also now questioning how the situation has managed to evolve, without any kind of compliance monitoring, for at least the last 11 years.

If challenged, the officers involved point out that they are working in line with the rules and laws governing the constructions, and urge those being fined to consult with the town hall to see what elements, if any, can be legalised, as the overall aim is to improve the image of the city and ensure that laws are adhered to on the grounds of public safety, as much as the aesthetics.

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