According to data released this week, there are more than 16,500 street signs missing throughout Orihuela, of which 1,709 are street names and 14,703 are house numbers.

According to the councillor who made the statement, Víctor Ruiz, this not only makes it difficult for emergency services, post office workers and friends to find locations, it also potentially constitutes an “electoral offence”, as many international residents are at risk of not receiving their notifications for voting in elections.

In August of last year, we reported how “Information from the census of street names conducted prior to the summer has now been compiled, resulting in the town hall of Orihuela being able to prepare a tender document for replacing and maintaining street signs in the municipality, with immediate attention given to streets with no name, with signs made from durable and theft-proof materials, wherever possible”.

The councillor reported how the first audit of street names and signs was conducted in May, 1996, and since then, there has been no major update completed. In 2007, the CLARO group filed a complaint against the town hall, for the alleged offence relating to problems in residents receiving notification of voting, resulting in the National Statistics Institute insisting that the town hall, at the time run by PP party member David Costa, correct the deficiencies, but “nobody did anything about it”.

As a result of this conclusion, the town hall has now prepared a tender contract, with a 495,902 euro budget, for the maintenance, updating and renewal of street names, for a period of 4 years, including areas which will contain signs in Braille to assist the visually impaired.

Once assigned, the coastal zone and certain surrounding villages, such as Torremendo, where most International residents live, will be given priority before the rest of the municipality is tackled.

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