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In a surprise twist to proceedings regarding the political situation in Orihuela, when facing questions in congress from Alicante deputy, Herick Campos, the central government of Spain are supporting the decision of the council of Elders, composed of Bob Houliston and Carolina Gracia, in their move that blocked the censure motion tabled by the Partido Popular with the members of CLr.

The decision by the central government reflects the move by the council of elders, on account of Pedro Mancebo and Juan Ignacio López-Bas being ineligible to vote in the motion, as they had been expelled from the coalition with which they contested the elections in 2011, the CLR-CLARO group.

Speaking to The Leader, Bob Houliston, who faces a legal challenge through the courts in relation to the case, said, “It is obviously good news for me and my fellow Plenary co-President that our action on 3 January not to proceed with the vote on the motion of censure was in no way illegal. The statement to this effect, coming from the government in Madrid carries weight. It is not a surprise in the sense that we knew that we had to act legally and correctly. On the other hand, it does not sit well with the Clr party who accused us of acting out of a spirit of vengeance and retaliation or the Popular Party who said that what we did was the equivalent of a coup d’etat. Despite the Madrid government’s statement, the courts in Elche and Orihuela will continue to consider the appeals against our action.”

Although the court cases are still pending, this will no doubt be considered a positive position for the government currently composed of the psoe and Los Verdes, who still continue to try to run the municipality in what they consider to be an open, transparent and fair manner, despite the majority in opposition attempting to prevent many of the proposals aimed at improving the municipality.

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