According to a survey by the “world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters” website,, when it comes to choosing a mobile phone, Spanish men prefer Apple, whereas the women prefer Samsung.

The survey was conducted through their global network of sites, in which 75,000 users from 26 countries were asked about their technological preferences, revealing that spain is in a unique position, as the usual choice of phone is generally the opposite, with women preferring Apple and men opting for Samsung.

Of the respondents from Spain, 24% of women chose the South Korean brand Samsung, and only 17% opted for apple. For the men, the figure was 22% preferring Apple, and 18% choosing Samsung. LG, Nokia and BlackBerry were the next preferred options, coming in relatively close in both men and women.

Perhaps inevitable for a dating site, the survey also asked about the activities that phone owners get up to, with 40% of Spanish respondents saying that they have “hot conversations” with a partner several times a day, whereas 36% do so once per day.

Whilst at work, 24% of Spanish men are also happy to take a break from the routine in order to chat with their lovers, although the average from all countries was 43%, seemingly indicating the Spanish man´s preference to work over play. As for Spanish women, 32% would take a break from work for a conversation with a lover, a figure consistent with the results obtained in other countries.

As phones become more useful tools for doing far more than just talking, 80% of the men say that they have taken photographs or videos with their lover on their mobile, a figure which plummets to just 10% when asked about photographing the wife, the same number who also took “selfies”. The statistics for women was equally dramatically spaced, with 72% taking photos or video with a lover, just 7% with the husband, but 25% take pictures of themselves.

In connection with the findings, American sexologist Eric Anderson said, “This study shows that technology has helped us explore and enjoy our sexuality issues that until recently were taboo. From sexting practice to scheduling an appointment, mobiles are a new way to get sexual satisfaction”.

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