Dr. Emmanuel Lansac

Cardiac surgeons at Elche´s Hospital del Vinalopó have successfully performed the first aortic valve repair in a patient of 48 years of age, affected an aneurysm (dilation) of the ascending aorta and severe aortic insufficiency, a procedure performed to repair a malfunction of the valve which only allows unidirectional flow of blood from the ventricle to the aorta.

During the procedure, the surgical team were assisted by Dr. Emmanuel Lansac, a surgeon of international renown in the field of valve repair, from the L’Mutualiste Montsouris Institute in Paris.

With the realization of this technique the Vinalopó Hospital has launched an Aortic Valve Repair Program, in order to become a reference for cardiology services in the province of Alicante and offer the best solution to a particular group of patients with problems on the aortic valve.

Dr. Eduardo Tébar, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Unit at the Hospital Vinalopó stresses “it is important to offer our patients an alternative to the usual techniques, in order to offer a better quality of life and lower long-term complications”.

The success lies in the multidisciplinary approach by a team of specialists including surgeons, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists and nurses. After the surgery, around 25 leading cardiologists from across Alicante attended a presentation in the meeting hall of the hospital, with Dr. Emmanuel Lansac offering attendees a conference under the title: Aortic Valve-Sparing Surgery with the aim of opening a forum for meeting and publicising the benefits of this technique in the treatment of a specific group of patients with pathology the aortic root.

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