Spanish airline Vueling has approved the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing, stating in a press release that “from March 10th, the use of electronic devices on board of our flights is allowed in all flight phases”.

However, those who fear noisy texts and loud conversations need not worry just yet, as the devices will have to be in “airplane mode”, thus unable to transmit or receive data. You will be able to play your favourite off-line game, read a book, catch up on a bit of work, or your downloaded TV show or film, in fact any of the facilities that these intelligent devices offer, just without the connection element.

Bearing in mind the restriction on transmission, the company now advise that you are able to use a wide range of devices, including mobile phones / smartphones, electronic tablets, electronic and personal noise cancelling headphones, MP3 / MP4 and music digital players, handheld portable electronic games, laptops and notebooks, E-readers, bluetooth devices, personal photo and video cameras (not professional), and handheld DVD/CD players.

The company also states that “Transport of medical electronic devices needed to maintain physiological functions of passengers, is allowed only if those devices do not transmit or have a transmitter mode”.

The company had previously announced that Wi-Fi will be available on board in the not too distant future, albeit at a cost, but this is all good news for the electronic generation, who will no longer have to surrender their personal devices in favour of looking out the window or simply watching fellow passengers, as your fingertip world will be with you on board.

There are still some restrictions relating to safety procedures, but these are all available on their website,, and some of the information forms part of the typical satefy briefing before flight.

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