Ángel Fenoll

Tuesday sees perhaps one of the most famous businessmen in Orihuela, Ángel Fenoll, stand trial in court number 3 of Orihuela, along with 17 other people, accused of falsifying accounts between 2002 and 2004, with the sole aim of avoiding tax.

This particular trial relates to the companies Colsur and Proambiente, and follows another recent case in which Fenoll was acquitted, on account of the case having “expired”. The case came to light when it was discovered that the tax due never reached the authorities.

Fenoll was sentenced to prison in 2007, with 300,000 euro bail, as part of the now infamous “Brugal” case, which is linked to a number of members of Orihuela´s Partido Popular, including former Mayor, Mónica Lorente. Although information as to the reasons for his incarceration were shrouded by a gagging order, the case connecting them relates to the award of a waste disposal contract in 2008.

During a court hearing in 2007, a police officer testified before Court number 3 in Orihuela stating that Fenoll played a “decisive part” in the municipal campaign that led to Monica Lorente becoming mayor of Orihuela in 2007.

During the previous administration of the PP government in 2011, spokesperson for the liberal Clr group, Pedro Mancebo, was also vocal in criticising the relationship between the town hall and Fenoll, asking “What power does this entrepreneur have in our City?”, whilst accusing the then government team, with whom he has now sided in opposition, of yielding to pressures from Fenoll to pay off 5 million euro in debts, questioning why a payment plan was agreed with Fenoll, “when other entrepreneurs have to wait years” in order to collect their debts, whilst Fenoll is free to meet with the Mayor, and seemingly had “free entry into the City to negotiate”.

The figure in question in the case being heard this week is said to be in the region of 4 million euro, although all defendants deny any wrongdoing. It is also expected that the defendants will ask for the trial to be further postponed.

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