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The trial scheduled to start on Tuesday in Orihuela against businessman Ángel Fenoll and 17 others people for offenses against the Treasury and forgery of commercial documents has been suspended due to the failure of one of the defendants to attend court.

At the request of the Prosecutor, Pablo Romero, the judge has ordered the immediate search and arrest of Manuel López Poveda, in order to guarantee his appearance at the trial which is now postponed until Thursday.

According to the evidence in the case by the prosecution, López Poveda issued a total of 79 bills between 2003 and 2004, valued at more than 2.6 million euro.

López Poveda´s lawyer stated that he has tried to contact his client, but without success, although a burofax which was sent has been confirmed as having been received.

The Prosecutor is demanding 36 years imprisonment for the main defendant, Ángel Fenoll, for 11 offenses against the Treasury and a continuing offense of falsification of a commercial document, in a case relating to tax evasion worth in the region of 4 million euro.

According to the letter from the prosecutor, false invoices were filed “in order to hide the true result of the activity” of the two companies, Colsur and Proambiente, and “defraud the Treasury” by avoiding paying corporate tax and for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004.

According to the considerations of the prosecution, the false invoices were “entirely made up by the other defendants” with them documenting the provision of services or delivery of goods “for the Colsur and Proambiente entities that had not been made”, and that Fenoll “facilitated” the issuing of the documents in order to avoid payment.

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