Launched throughout Spain as a means of collecting financial debts by means of embarrassing the debtor into paying up, one collector operating as “El Cobrador del Frac” had more than he bargained for, when an individual seemingly took offence to the spectacle of the character in one case this week.

The debt collectors operating for the company typically dress in top hat and tails, although sometimes in other distinctive uniforms, and highlight that a company or individual is in debt by their very presence. They also drive black and white cars, adorned by the logo of the firm, with the idea of presenting as high a profile as possible, until an agreement is reached for them to retire from the scenes.

It was during once such scene in the Albacete town of Villarrobledo when a 37 year old male who worked for “El Cobrador del Frac” was in his vehicle at the door of a property owned by a debtor, when, for reasons being investigated, a mechanical crane crashed into the side of his car, seemingly intentionally, trapping the man between the vehicle and against the wall of the property.

The car suffered severe damage in the crash and the debt collector was taken to hospital in Albacete, suffering from various contusions and described as being in a “very serious” condition.

The driver of the mechanical crane, believed to be the man named in the debt case, was arrested by the police.

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