The young male wanted by the police for seemingly driving his car whilst sat in the passenger seat has surrendered himself to the police in Barcelona.

In an unusual move the police asked for assistance in identifying the man who was seen in a video pretending to be asleep, waking up and realising the driver was missing, only to show himself in the video as controlling the car himself.

Believing the driver to have been acting recklessly, the police asked for assistance through social networks, posting the video themselves.

Following the campaign, the police received around 40 messages identifying the same person, and so they went to the home of the man now believed to have been responsible for the video, but he was not at home when they called.

According to police sources, the man subsequently presented himself at Barcelona’s La Verneda police station, accompanied by a lawyer, and identified himself as being the driver in the video.

The man has been identified as being a 21 year old, born in 1992 in Tarragona, with French nationality and currently living in Catalonia where he is a student. His lawyer issued a brief statement saying that his client was “sorry for what he had done”.

The police also then took to their Twitter account thanking everybody for assisting in identifying the man and stating that he had presented himself.

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