The fire damage

Through the combined efforts of the National and Local police in Torremolinos, two men have been arrested on suspicion of a crime against public health, after a cannabis farm in their home caught fire.

The officers attended an emergency call to a house fire and discovered the fire had seemingly started in an upstairs greenhouse containing cannabis sativa, lamps, fertilizers and irrigation and exhaust equipment. The officers also found a second greenhouse in the downstairs apartment.

Once the fire was extinguished by the fire service the police officers proceeded to arrest the two men, aged 31 and 35, for the alleged crimes against public health.

The officers searched the two apartments and seized 18 kilos of marijuana, 48 grams of hashish, 2,405 euro, anabolic products and a car.

Specialists from the Scientific Police of the Provincial Brigade of the Provincial Commissariat of the National Police in Málaga are currently compiling a report which will establish the cause of the fire, although it is believed the report will confirm the main hypothesis of overheating of the power system in the greenhouse.

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